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Madison Parker International works in full compliance to the regulations governing the hiring of temporary / contract staff in the Netherlands and has achieved full NEN 4400-1 certification.

What is NEN 4400-1?

NEN 4400-1 is a national standard that set requirements for temporary work businesses and contractors of work, including subcontractors that have their registered office in the Netherlands with respect to the payment of taxes and social insurance contributions and the legitimacy of employment in the Netherlands. The aim of the standard is to limit the risk of recovery and penalties for employers from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and other government agencies.

Temporary staffing sector / Contracting of work

Employers who hire temporary staff or outsource work are strongly advised to contract the services of a certified temporary employment agency or contractor of work. A company certified according to standard NEN 4400-1 (Dutch-based) or NEN 4400-2 (Internationally based) and registered in the Labour Standards Register (Register Normering Arbeid) offers companies greater protection against fraud and illegality.

Vicarious tax liability

The primary aim of the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation (Stichting Normering Arbeid) is to protect companies who hire temporary staff or outsource work against claims that may arise from recipients' liability and vicarious tax liability for non-payment of VAT (omzetbelasting) and statutory payroll tax (loonheffingen) as well as against the high penalties that can be imposed if a company is found to be employing persons who are not entitled to work in the Netherlands or whose identity has not been established or has not been established correctly.

In order to achieve this aim, the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation has been overseeing the correct application of Standard NEN 4400-1 / NEN 4400-2 since October 2006. This standard was developed by the sectors themselves in conjunction with private sector companies and trade unions with the aim of combating fraud and illegality.

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