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Preparing a CV

There is no such thing as a perfectly written CV however we would suggest the following as useful guidelines

CV length

Try to restrict your CV to a maximum three pages; include minimal detail for experience over 7/8 years old.

Personal information

Head the CV with your full name, address, home, work and mobile telephone numbers, fax, email address and date of birth (optional) Omit your work number if you don’t want to be contacted at work.


Itemize any relevant qualifications or professional memberships you hold, as well as recent training courses you have attended. These should be accurate and not exaggerated!

Personal profile

Include a short (maximum 5/6 lines) paragraph, summarizing your key skills & competencies, core expertise, achievements and preferred type of work.

Employment history

  • List your employment history in reverse chronological order (last job first).
  • Precede each job role with start dates, end dates and name of employer – let your job titles "pop out".
  • Make sure your achievements are highlighted. If you undertook more than one role during a period of employment, itemize that experience under a separate job role subheading.
  • Make sure any gaps in employment are fully explained. Avoid using abbreviations which are meaningless to anyone but you.
  • Don’t be afraid to give lots of emphasis to core skills and application experience.

International experience & languages

Mention all countries where you have lived, worked and studied (your international background is valuable). Add also your spoken language skills and levels.

Other experience

If you don't have any workplace experience, mention all your internships and extracurricular activities.

Personal interests

List your personal interests as it will provide an insight into your personality.

Cover letter

You could greatly improve your chances of being invited for interview if your CV is accompanied by a covering letter (also known as a motivation letter). This should be well written stating your career aspirations & goals, personal qualities and strengths.


Carefully proof-read your CV and let someone else read it before you send it off.

Please remember that your CV must be seen as a sales document – it is vital that you prepare it with the end-user in mind. A poorly presented CV padded out with irrelevant information may be a pleasing autobiography to the author, but is unlikely to be well received by those reading it!

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  • Manufacturing
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  • Supply Chain
  • Sports Retail
  • Consumer Electronics
  • FMCG
  • Financial Services
  • Business Information
  • Payment Services
  • IT Software / Hardware
  • IT Services
  • TV & Broadband
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Education Services
  • Engineering Design

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