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Candidate comments

Below is a selection of comments made by candidates who have been placed by Madison Parker in recent years;

"Karen - I would like to personally thank you for helping me acquiring the position at the bank. Your help and your initial assessment has been proven essential.  I have been very impressed by your preparation and providing the right context and briefings for all the required interview steps. Lastly, well done on your motivation, perserverance and drive in all stages of the application process. "

Andrew (The Netherlands) – Senior Learning & Developent Advisor

"Meghana is one of the best recruiters that I have worked with!  She is very professional and knows how to map a candidate's experience with the role, helping you to understand the responsibilities and how your experience aligns with that.  She is very structured, fast in responses and always follows-up.  During the entire recruitment process, I felt comfortable reaching out to her, whenever I had questions, as she showed willingness to help and clarify all my concerns.  She put a lot of passion in her job and I recommend working with her to whomever has the opportunity!"

Ioana (The Netherlands) – Business Improvement Specialist

"It's often that people put too much pressure  on themselves when considering their professional career. Most common reasons I have heard stated are: work-life balance, stability, personal development and impact on the team and business. When considered altogether, individuals can feel overwhelmed. Young professionals cannot easily gauge the environments of other companies. Often, trust becomes a catalyst which pushes the intention to become action, and this is exactly what Danyel Zisman has done for me.

For me personally, it was difficult to understand if a 'better opportunity' will translate into a single factor which will be improved, at the potential cost the others. On my own, looking at risk vs. reward has been the main driver for seeking new opportunities. However, this time was different. Being approached by Danyel at Madison Parker International for a new opportunity, he first built intimacy with my preferences and only then did the 'pitch' come. He took the time to build trust and laid down an action plan for setting up interviews and meetings, as well as giving great feedback in a timely manner.

I always felt I was talking to a true professional, who kept my interest above his or the employer's. I'd like to extend a warm thank you to Danyel for his great support and hard work for getting me a seat as Technical Coordinator with a global international business. I recommend strongly and encourage potential business partners to embark on a journey with Danyel.

Vlad (Netherlands) – Technical Coordinator

"I had the opportunity to take part in a selection process organized by Madison Parker International and I can assure you it was a very rich experience. They proved to be highly professional, well organized, punctual and truly considerate towards me, smoothing the process from the very first stage of the interviews. I personally recommend their services to every candidate as a proof of quality and excellence."

Ayelen (Netherlands) - Compensation & Benefits Specialist

"My experience with Madison Parker was by far my best with an agency. They initially contacted me and put me forward for the job I currently have and their recruiter was extremely helpful throughout the interview and selection process. I was kept constantly in the loop and updated and still 2 months into the job she is still checking up on me.I really owe Madison Parker for their help in pushing me to take this next step in my career."

Natalie (Netherlands) - Team Coordinator

"I am very thankful for the recruitment service that Madison Parker provided to me in finding a new job. Both the intense focus on finding an appropriate match and the assistance in my personal development impressed me. I recommend Madison Parker as a professional recruitment agency for their sincere interest in the candidate (me!). In the few months that I worked for my current employer I can confirm that the key competences on which Madison Parker focused in the interview really matched my expectations. Thanks to the Madison Parker team!"

Brian (Poland) - Accounting Process Executive

"I've started my new job only a few days ago and already cannot thank Madison Parker enough for the work you have done in matching me with my new employer. Your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism are what makes you stand out and is highly contagious. You have the ability to make someone feel at ease and confident, with any interview, no matter what round you're at, which in itself makes you an asset for every candidate. Thank you."

Arien (Netherlands) - Senior Finance

"The recruiter at Madison Parker International was professional, yet friendly, with a rare and genuine interest in people. He has the excellent capability to read between the lines and find suitable candidates based on their talent and passion, aside from the regular profile matching approach.

I feel so lucky to have had Madison Parker helping out with my career transition and I recommend them to any company or individual that is looking for a committed partner that is willing to go the extra mile and with a long term picture in mind."

Daniela (Netherlands) - Customer Service Representative

"It's rare that you encounter a selection agency that really looks after the best interest of the candidate. I found this at Madison Parker. They communicated with me in a regular and open way throughout the whole selection process thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises in the end. What you see is what you get, and in the end, I got what I wanted. Thanks Madison Parker."

Tom (Belgium) - E-marketing Manager

"It was very pleasant working for Madison Parker from the beginning until this very moment. The positive help in the beginning from their recruiter was very much appreciated especially in the salary negotiation! I never had any complaints or worries about the service or salary processing and was very pleased about the information and support provided. If for any reason I will be in the position of needing a new job I will definitely contact Madison Parker."

For now, thank you very much & I wish you all the best!

Fabian (Netherlands) - Order Desk Specialist

"As a successful candidate working for a high profile multinational firm, I was regularly contacted by agencies regarding a wide variety of opportunities. What I found different with Madison Parker was that they had taken time to carefully assess my profile in relation not just to the job profile, but the corporate culture of the "client". The accuracy with which MP determined a correct fit is exhibited by the speed of transition from initial interview to offer - 3 meetings/2 days! The result has been an excellent position with a fast paced Global FMCG Company where I have now spent 6 thoroughly enjoyable months."

Kevin (United Kingdom) - National Account Manager

"Just when I had lost hope to find a career job in my favorite city...Madison Parker found me!! As Head Hunters they demonstrated to be capable in finding people to match with their available opportunities. They provided highly qualified support in candidate orientation, advice and assistance in the interviewing process. My experience had a surprising start, a happy ending and, of course, the realization of a dream. And most of this thanks to Madison Parker and their excellent staff."

Maria Dolores (Italy) - Account Manager Web

"If you are looking for a good opportunity to join and grow in a company, then Madison Parker and its marvelous team is without doubt your best choice. They will kindly help you to find the best option that will certainly fit your needs. Once I decided to apply the recruitment process was then very quick. I especially appreciated the personal approach of the recruitment agent. Just think about what you really want and let them know about your decision. For me they proved to be a good company when I came from abroad and needed to get to know a potential corporation to work for. I am convinced that Madison Parker did a good job for me and the company I am currently working for. I only have words of thanks for everyone there."

Luis (Netherlands) - International Trade Assistant

"Madison Parker is very focused and efficient to find the perfect match between the position and the candidate, no matter where they can find them from. From the first email contact until my relocation to Rome from Istanbul, including the interviews, communication with (and about) the company and finally the hectic visa procedure, my consultant has always been a great support, looking for my best interests, with open and honest communication at all steps. I'm very thankful to Madison Parker for enabling me to find the exact job I was looking for, in a foreign country and a global market. I would recommend to candidates and also to companies to hand themselves over to Madison Parker to achieve the best results."

Ece (Italy) - Mobile Off-Deck Manager

"I was looking for a new challenge to give my career a new boost. It seemed easier said than done until Madison Parker gave me a call. I did not have a lot of experience on paper since I have been only graduated for little more than one and half years ago. But Madison Parker saw a lot of potential in me and my resume and started the search for my new challenge. Already after two weeks they had found the perfect job and negotiated an amazing contract! They constantly kept me up-to-date by email or phone. They were a great support on negotiations! Nothing but big compliments and a big thanks to Madison Parker!"

Tim (Netherlands) - Associate Planner

"After 28 years working for an oil and gas company worldwide I discovered that finding a job at 55 years of age wasn't as easy as I expected it to be. Madison Parker discovered my CV and offered to assist in finding me work. They came up with an Offshore Construction Superintendent position for which job I was interviewed. During the very pleasant interview I was finally selected for a Maintenance Engineer position which I'm fulfilling at the moment. I'm very happy with my new position and I'm very glad to be back in business again. During the 10 months of unemployment I got a lot of phone calls of headhunters but only Madison Parker gave me the impression to work on my new job with dedication and finally a positive result. Even when I went on the interview they gave me positive advice on how to dress and behave. Very professional!"

Bert (Netherlands) - Maintenance Engineer

"During the past 11 years I had contacts with many Uitzendbureaus and so-called head hunters in the Netherlands (sorry this term ;-)) and often was left in the dark, causing lots of phone calls, reminders and my nerves! Not with this application, completely the opposite with you and as you know it worked out fine :) So again, thank you very much for the great support and all the tips. It felt that you really cared about the outcome. I hope that I do not need your professional help again, but if so, I for sure will contact Madison Parker first.."

Michael (Germany) - Commercial Services Agent

"It is critical for anyone looking for a career particularly in the global market, to find a support system which would help and guide you through and through. This I found in Madison Parker. Definitely not your typical head hunting firm, Madison Parker has been a partner who delivered for me with transparency and was proactive in ensuring that I had the edge in each step of the whole process. More Power to Madison Parker!"

Angelie (The Philippines) - Global Marketing Manager

"I work in a US multinational company which is the world leader in the retailing of athletic footwear and apparel - my position is Human Resources Director for Italy and I succeeded in obtaining this position thanks to Madison Parker International. This important recruiting company allowed me to introduce myself as a candidate to the above mentioned company, and most of all they gave me all the support which a candidate may need in order to express the own potential at its best. The recruiting process was conducted in a quick, transparent and very professional way; furthermore, the maximum confidentiality was provided to me - and this is not so usual today! I would personally recommend to everyone to put their own profile into the hands of Madison Parker International, as they will arrange the best possible fit between the candidate's competencies and the company's needs."

Stefano (Italy) - Director Human Resources

"Moving to a new job is never an easy task, and if this combines with relocating to a new country the challenge is not to be underestimated. Madison Parker greatly facilitated that the whole process was much smoother that I could have ever expected."

Fernando (Spain) - Legal Counsel

"Having moved to the Netherlands from Mexico in 2005, finding a position in my specialist field of PR was always going to be a challenge. While other agencies sent me to interviews for positions that didn't suit my expectations, Madison Parker focused on my career goals and helped me to get exactly the position that I was looking for."

Ana (Mexico) - PR Coordinator

"My experience with Madison Parker has really enabled me to build on the professional foreign experience I was searching for. In other words, Madison Parker assisted me in finding the job I was looking for and facilitated my relocation from France to the Netherlands. Once I succeeded in having an interview with the 'client'' company, Madison Parker helped me constantly in preparing my meetings, through regular phone calls and e-mails, permanent encouragements, and even picking me up at the airport. Furthermore, my relocation to the Netherlands has been made easier by Madison Parker thanks to a useful relocation guide mailed to me in Paris.This attention kept me in the most confident condition all along the process, from the job search to the relocation itself. With its strong advantage, which is to keep the lines of communication open with its candidates, Madison Parker fully contributed to my success."

Abdouramane (France) - Real Estate Analyst

"Madison Parker did the best for me. They simply did the best matching of my profile with the position. They gave me the opportunity to work for a top software company and made everything as easy as possible: from finding my CV and making the first interview to taking me to the tax office to arrange all the legal stuff."

Juan (Spain) - E-marketing Manager

"I am very happy with the service I received from Madison Parker, especially the personal attention from my recruitment consultant. It was very professional, they knew what I wanted it and helped me to get it. I believe I would have never found a better job and definitely not so quickly!"

Juan (The Hague) - Coordinator Finance Systems

"I believe Madison Parker International to be a company with a high quality of professionalism and efficiency. I was provided with great encouragement throughout the recruitment process and would highly recommend them to any job seekers."

Charmaine (Paris) - Senior Tax Assistant

"Madison Parker is a professional and experienced recruitment consultancy. I immediately built a solid and professional relationship with them based on trust and mutual respect. Once approaching the employer, their advice was very valuable to set the right focus and tone. Moreover, their experience was essential in understanding the cultural underlying aspects driving the negotiations with my current employer."

Enric (Spain) - Senior Account Manager

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